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Осень в Японии

Красочный репортаж о японской осени из испанского издания National Geographic Traveller за октябрь.

Matsumoto, Japanese Alps

Autumn in Japan 06.jpg

Chuzenji Lake, Nikko National Park by Natapong Supalertsophon

Autumn in Japan 07.jpg

Fuji by Thatree Thitivongvaroon

Autumn in Japan 01.jpg

Chureito Pagoda by Jan Christopher Becke

Autumn in Japan 02.jpg

Cinco Lake region, Fuji by Ratnakorn Piyasirisorost

Autumn in Japan 03.jpg

Magome, Kiso Valley

Autumn in Japan 04.jpg

Shirakawago by Doctor Egg

Autumn in Japan 05.jpg

Shinkyo Bridge on the Daiya River, Nikko by Patryk Kosmider

Autumn in Japan 08.jpg

The Yomeimon Gate, Nikko

Autumn in Japan 09.jpg

Yamadera, Tachiya Valley by Omjai C

Autumn in Japan 10.jpg

Hibara Lake, Urabandai Region by Wataru Aoki

Autumn in Japan 11.jpg

Dewa Sanzan, Goju-no-to – The Pagoda of the Five Floors, Mount Haguro.

Autumn in Japan 12.jpg

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