magman67 (magman67) wrote,

Бангкок шестидесятых

1960 Hua Lamphong

1960 Bangkok

1960 Don Muang

1960 Hua Lamphong

1962 Thais gathering, Bangkok

1963 Advert

1963 Davol advert

1963 Foremost advert

1963 Thai film Attack of the Mushroom People Poster

1966 TV Studio and children preparing for program

1967 8 August, First meeting of ASEAN in Bangkok

1968 Bangkok Skyline by Harry McCown

1968 Ekkamai Bus station in Bangkok

1968 Entrance to the Temple grounds at the Temple of Dawn

1968 Temple yard around the Temple of Dawn

1968 Thammasat girls

1968 The Temple yard at the Temple of Dawn

1962 February, RFKennedy

1962 February, RFKennedy with PM Sarit Thanarat

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