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Бангкок сороковых

1940s Thai Chaloem Theatre

1940s Hua Lamphong

1940s Phibun Youth
Эту песню запевает молодёжь, молодёжь, молодёжь,
Эту песню не задушишь не убьёшь, не убьёшь, не убьёшь...

1941 Advert

1943 Mekong Whisky Advert

1943 Premier Tojo (Imperial Japan) visits Bangkok

1943 Siemens Radio Advert

1946 Don Muang

1946 Sathorn

1947 Bangkok Aerial

1947 Oriental Hotel

1948 Chinatown business

1948 March, Bangkok Samlor

1948 October, Muay Thai, Bangkok

1949 Life of a Bangkok family

Bangkok 1944

Bangkok 1944-2014 Comparison

Large (centre) building was the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, now the Royal Orchid Sheraton

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