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Исторический Таиланд – Рама V
Эпоха правления Его Величества Рамы V — Чулалонгкона Великого

1896 Wat Ramindra

1862 Prince Chulalongkorn's investiture ceremony at Sanam Luang

1870s Chulalongkorn


1880 Royal portraits

1884 Visit to Chiang Mai by HM King Chulalongkorn

1889 Ploughing Day festivities

1890 Chulalongkorn poses with kwai-drawn wagon

1890 Princess (Queen) consort, Savang Vadhana

1890 Rare images of the Chulalongkorn entourage in Java

1892 Royal Kids

1893 Royal guards

1893 Royals (Princes)

1893 Tonsure Ceremony within Sanam Luang


1895 Princesses Malinee Nopdarasirini (L) and Nipanopadon Wimonphrapa

1895 Queen Saovabha and assorted court

1895 Royal children

1896 Partial company of royal courtiers and concubines

1896 Rama V and family at Hurricane House, Singapore