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Исторический Таиланд – Лица

1906 Quiet gamesmanship

1875 Assorted Siamese scenes

1890 Belles

1890 Studio portrayal

1892 Isaan Mekong Kha Pai

1898 Local women, Pattani

1900 Wife and son of the Ubon Ratchathani Governor

1915 Corporal punishment confinement for Chiang Mai ladies

1920 Ethnic hill folk, Chiang Mai

1926 Assorted members of the Hua Hin Country Club

1931 Countryside life of Yasothon Province

1940 Thai officers pose in war-torn France

1955 Angels pose during stop-off, Chonburi baht bus

1955 Thai Scouting

1959 Black Thai Mother and Son - Serenity in Laos by Christopher Sheldon

1968 The Drifters

1976 Maejo University gals near the Chiang Mai campus

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