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Бангкок – Первое десятилетие XX века

1909 Charoen Krung Road

1900 German residence in Bangkok

1900 Inner working of the Bangkok Central Post Office

1900 Prominent Bangkok Chinese family portrait

1900 The extended Fort Mahakan neighborhood

1901 Klong Doakanong

1901 Thai-Chinese family shop

1902 Advert

1902 Charoen Krung Road

1902 Bamrungmueang Road near the Fueangnakhon Road crossing

1902 Children strolling past the fountain at Wat Thepsirin

1902 Royal household weavers at the Dusit Palace

1902 The East Asiatic Company pier, Klong Toey

1903 A peek down a side soi of Sampeng Lane

1903 Charoen Krung Road

1903 Scene of the annual Sao Ching Cha (Giant Swing) festival

1903 Shop Advert

1903 The United Club, primarily expats elite Thai

1905 Postcard

1906 Military & Royal Officers

1907 Klong Toey dock yard

1909 Bangkok prisoners and guards

1909 Bangkok schoolboy football champions

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