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Бангкок – Первое десятилетие XX века

1907 The river dock of the Oriental Hotel

1901 Book Club Siam Bank. Тут имеются в виду, очевидно, не любители книги, а буккиперы – бухгалтеры.

1901 Traditional Theatre Players

1902 Klong Bangkok Noi, near today's Charan Santiwong Road crossing


1904 Bangkok

1904 Ceremony celebrating the expansion of the ever important Klong Rangsit

1904 Khlong bridge off Sempeng Lane

1905 Girls of high-standing take a go at betel nut preparation

1906 At the foot of the Phan Phiphop Lila Bridge

1906 Klong San Saeb along Petchaburi Road


1907 Mercantile advert

1907 Thonburi Marketplace

1908 Bangkok along Phahurat Road

1909 Immigrants to Bangkok – young lads of Malayu, Thai descent

1909 Sathorn Tai Road

1910 Phan Fa Bridge, Ratchadamnoen Nok Road

Bangkok Early Transport

Le Petite Journal, 5 April 1903

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