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Исторический Таиланд – Лица

1957 Lovely ladies of the Chiang Mai Songkran

1885 Siamese troops stationed in Uttaradit during Haw Wars

1886 Luang Prabang

1889 Lanna-Burman marriage, Amphoe Wiang Haeng, Chiang Mai

1897 Princess Consort (of Chulalongkorn) Dararasmi (top – 4th from left) and her extended Chiang Mai family. Old Lanna royal

1899 Lanna Prince and family of Chiang Mai

1900 Making palm-gum books in Khon Kaen

1900 Street vendors, Chiang Mai

1903 Lao woman of Nakhon Phanom

1905 Surin Provincial Militia posture their captured

1906 Meo weavers in Amphoe Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai

1909 Somber portrait of teacher and students, Ratchaburi

1912 Young ladies of Tha Kon, Akat Amnuai, Sakhon Nakon Province

1915 Chiang Mai family portrait

1922 Tambon Yonok, Amphoe Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai Province

1926 Hua Hin station

1935 Finalists in the Miss Uttaradit Beauty Pageant

1936 Village girls of Amphoe Soi Dao, Chanthaburi watch a game of Sapa

1950 Amphoe Senangkhanikhom, Amnat Charoen Province

1950 Wat Phra That, Amphoe Sri Chom Thong, Chiang Mai

1959 Teachers assemble at Trattrakarnkun School, Mueang Trat

1961 Ford Anglia 105E At Udon RR Station

1962 Taphan Hin Phichit protesting Preah Vihear. ПреВихэйрНаш.

1963 A home shot of the bride's family during Nong Khai village wedding

1974 Nan Province Hmong Commie Insurgent Hunters. Охотники за коммунистами.

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