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Исторический Таиланд – Рама V

Эпоха правления Его Величества Рамы V – Чулалонгкона Великого

1876 Young King Chulalongkorn lays the first stone in a ceremony to commence the building of the Chakri Throne Hall

1867 Crown Prince Chulalongkorn and Prince Bhanurangsri Savangwongse

1872 The dashing and confident King Chulalongkorn

1873 The young King Chulalongkorn and son

1877 The young King Chulalongkorn (centre) preening with sophistication with the newly introduced game


1890 Chulalongkorn, family and escorts in Kanchanaburi Province

1890 Royal styles

1894 Royals

1895 Chulalongkorn's younger group of heirs

1) Atonipa
2) Wapha Pongsanit
3) Walaiyorlangon
4) Onprapan Rampai
5) Tipyalangan
6) Nipa Nopadon
7) Sirapon Sopon
8) Adisai Suriyapa
9) Prapap Raronpilai
10) Wapee Butsabagon
11) Apandree Pacha
12) Haymawadee
13) Malinee Nopdara
14) Raparanee

Princes/Princesses * depending on their respected class or status within the complex Rama V family extension (who their Mothers are – Queen, Consort or Concubine). The appropriate address for these kids would have been Somdet (HRH) or Jao, Jao Faa (higher rank), Jao Yao (lower rank), Jao Sufit (no distinction) – King Chulalongkorn was to have sired some 90 + children.

1896 Ceremonial activities at the royal pier

1896 The Royal Yacht, Maha Chakri departing for the world tour

1897 Chulalongkorn being welcomed to Hamburg during the tour

1898 The King's round-up, Ayutthaya

1900 Sarong-clad royals, Chiang Mai

1901 Christened by HM King Chulalongkorn. Mueang Ratchaburi

1901 Royals

1903 Royals

1905 August, HM King Chulalongkorn meets with his cabinet

1905 Casual Chiang Mai procession during King Chulalongkorn's visit

1907 Bamrung Muang Road as seen during King Chulalongkorn's return from world tour

1907 Chulalongkorn and royal aid, off the coast of Italy during European tour

1909 Scene from the funeral procession of Prince Uruphong Ratchasomphote (16 years)

1910 Procession and ceremony of Prince Chakrabongse's cremation


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