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Бангкок XIX века

1867 The Royal Phowadol Tassanai on Rattanakosin Island
1865 British Consulate complex

1866 August, Wat Ratchanadda contends with the annual high water of Klong Ong Ang
1866 Lazy river island from nearby Wat Arun
1872 Wat Phra Kaew and river view

1875 The Old Sanam Chai Road, aside the Grand Palace
1877 Wat Arun and riverine community

1880 Young lads sitting at Wat Pho's front gate
1887 Mahachai Road towards Wat Thepthidaram
1888 Royal Dock Chao Phraya River

1889 Ratchadamnoen Klang Road
1889 River life
1890 Local vendors trading their wares on the Dusit grounds

1894 Old style northern river craft along the Chao Phraya River
1895 Victorian Era Farang making a day of it at Wat Arun
1896 The Siam Free Press [English language] office

1898 The Luang Damrong Royal Printing House
1898 Trams and samlor at Saphan Phra Ram Hok

1898 Life along Klong Khu Mueang Doem outside of Wat Ratchabopit

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