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Исторический Таиланд – Лица

1865 Siamese Noble Portrait
1866 Bangkok Royal Lakorn Players and Musicians

1883 Dai-Chinese mercenary poses in Nan Province during the periodic Haw Wars
1889 Dignified scene from the Chanthaboon Riverside Market, Chanthaburi Province
1890 French Explorers and Siamese Servants

1890 Siamese Lakorn Players, Bangkok
1891 A Tattoed Lanna lad, Chiang Mai
1896 Vajiranyan Library committee

1898 Rural young ladies of Nong Khai
1900 Two Chinese of the Loei Province highlands kneading tea balls for fermentation
1902 Ladies of Amphoe Don Tan, Mukdahan Province

1903 Motley provincial militia, Lopburi
1907 Young stern policeman, Mueang Pai
1933 Saraburi's Senarak Thai Station during the Boworadet Rebellion

1942 Thai comfort women in Chiang Mai, under Japanese occupation
1948 Young vendors at Sukhothai station
1963 Sport day at Thung Pho School, Taphan Hin, Phichit

Chiang Mai lady takes part in a beauty contest on April 14, 1987
Phibun Songram and Sarit during the 1957 election demonstrations

1975 Community ordination tamboon procession, Mueang Nakhon Pathom

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