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A beautiful sunrise over Southport, Merseyside
Dover Castle, Dover, Kent by Dale Haussner
Kingsand & Plymouth Sound by Baz Richardson

Kingston Lacy Beech Avenue, Dorset
Oxford High Street seen from the Carfax Tower
St Aidans Nature Reserve near Leeds, West Yorkshire by SWNS

St Mary's lighthouse in Northumberland by Owen Humphreys
View of Coast and Encombe House, Swyre Head, Dorset by Roman Hobler
Walking around Woody Bay by Gregor Samsa

Whitby Harbour (Looking up the Esk Valley) by Mike Dales

Tags: Добрая старая Англия

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    可愛さと美しさの最前線!! – В авангарде привлекательности и красоты!! Вот такой совсем уж советский заголовок даёт редакция фотосету Дека Такео с участием…

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    Актриса и модель Саяка Томару (25) на фотографиях Ацушии Кадошимы (門嶋淳矢) для Weekly SPA!, номер за 19 октября.

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